Why We Need To Stop Crying 'Fix' If Our Favourites Do Not Win TV Shows

Why We Need To Stop Crying 'Fix' If Our Favourites Do Not Win TV Shows

Over the past couple of years there seems to be a sour grapes culture seeping in to our views about the direction some of the most popular television programmes take. This is, of course, predominately when the viewers at home get the opportunity to vote for who should continue on their TV journey in the likes of I’m A Celebrity, Strictly and The X Factor.

The cry of fix is now becoming deafening and as soon as the result doesn’t go the way that everyone anticipates, then it is obviously been engineered by the producers of these programmes to keep their favourites in the show.

Just minutes after Gogglebox star Scarlett Moffatt made the jump from living room sofa to the I’m A Celebrity throne, as ‘Queen of the Jungle’, there was discontent on social media.

The family of Emmerdale actor Adam Thomas were quick to pile in with their views on how Scarlett had scooped the big prize ahead of their Adam. His brothers Ryan, the former Corrie actor, and Scott, the Love Island star, were claiming that the path for Scarlett’s victory had been smoothed over by the I’m A Celebrity team and there was no way that she would have beaten Adam when it comes to votes.

There were also fingers pointed at the fact that the I’m A Celeb Twitter account had promoted Scarlett with a tweet in which they quoted one of her sayings.

What seems to have been forgotten here though is that this may have been the case because Scarlett was ultimately the most entertaining and actually said something worth quoting.

The viewers have watched Scarlett watching I’m A Celebrity for the past couple of years as she helped propel Gogglebox to essential viewing.

The reason why she polled so well in the public voting may have been because she feels like one of us. Someone that has moved from the sofa to celebrity but hasn’t compromised her natural being in doing so.

This is not to say that Adam has but, at the end of the day, Scarlett just has more of a sparkling personality and came in to the show with everyone anticipating that she would be great and she didn’t disappoint.

Calling ‘fix’ seems to be a quick and easy way to show how disgruntled you are at your personal favourite not winning.

It’s not just I’m A Celebrity though that has been dogged by this as The X Factor has had to live with this for years.

The ‘Fix’ Factor is a common nickname but again, with it is down to viewers to vote for their favourite, it is the majority that don’t bother having their say that lose their heads when the result doesn’t pan out the way they think it should.

Honey G generated plenty of headlines as viewers called for her removal from the show on social media, while others voted in their droves to keep her there.

Of course, there was meltdown when The X Factor judges actually chose her over Ryan Lawrie after a sing-off but those shouting fix seemed to conveniently oversee that Honey G had ‘something’ while Ryan certainly didn’t have the ‘X Factor’.

With a new year on the horizon, is it time to start taking these shows for the slice of entertainment that they are and not get so caught up in labelling everything a fix just because it is not running the way we would hope.

Surely it is the only way to fix our enjoyment of these shows?

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