Will 'Celebrity Big Brother' Become 'Fifty Shades of Grey' Now the Perez Show Has Finished?

Will 'Celebrity Big Brother' Become 'Fifty Shades of Grey' Now the Perez Show Has Finished?

In the end it seems that the baying crowd that gathered outside the Celebrity Big Brother house on eviction nights have finally got their way. Urged on by the indomitable Katie Hopkins to ‘Get Perez Out!’, the wishes of many have finally been granted.

The problem that faces the final outcome of this series is that now that the ‘Perez Show’ has finally been shut down, will there be any point watching?

There is an argument that when Nadia Sawalha left the show after 24 days in the house that she pulled the plug on Perez Hilton as she went back out through the front door as he hasn’t been the same since. Even so, there was still time to spend some uncomfortable moments under the skin of his fellow housemates but now that all the colourful personalities have been evicted, are we left with fifty shades of grey as those that kept their head down have been rewarded?

Perez Hilton became a show within a show that threatened on more than one occasion of engulfing Celebrity Big Brother and despite the boos that greeted his every mention, there would not have been a programme worth watching without him. Keith Chegwin may be a kind and genuine sort but would you continue to tune in if he was the focus and we followed his every move as he made sure that the toilets are clean?

Whoever wins the final will forever be eclipsed by the antics of Perez but now we are left with a group of people that went it with winning on their minds, it could be looked at as a justification of trying remain as the peacekeepers of the group.

Of course there is still the small matter of Katie Hopkins surviving until the bitter end. Before she went in to the house, she was the nation’s pariah but now it seems that her bullying is an acceptable alternative to Perez Hilton’s OTT antics. She may be feeling pretty pleased with herself that she has outstayed her nemesis but let’s now hope that her world view and approach to human interaction is not endorsed by the viewer’s votes. Surely it would be a bigger travesty if she wins than if Perez had outlasted his housemates?

Having said that, the remaining housemates are the ones that aimed to be ‘true to themselves’ during this process and however unpalatable Katie Hopkins is being herself, at least it gave us some television worth watching.

Michelle Visage has worn a dip in the fence where she has sat for so long, keeping firmly in the shadow of Hopkins as she made the right choice to side with her rather than Hilton.

Katie Price has proved that explicit sex talk mixed with generous applications of fake tan has won her a new legion of fans, whilst Calum Best decided to leave his destructive personality at the Big Brother house door as he looked to keep calm and carry on apart from the odd four letter word in the direction of Perez.

After a series that has topped all other Celebrity Big Brother editions for controversy it could be that the firework has finally fizzled out and now we are left with the prospect of a damp squib to end the proceedings. He may be out of the game but it seems that ‘The Perez Show’ was what we tuned in for after all.



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