Woman has extraordinary freak out moment at ferry port

Woman has extraordinary freak out moment at ferry port

Warning: Strong language

We’ve all felt that unholy rage bubble and boil within when things aren’t going are way. But it’s rare we let the red mist take over and explode.

Well this woman did just that.

The traveller threw the most spectacular hissy fit at a ferry port.

She’s seen screaming at staff and shouting ‘I’m so mad’ and ‘you people have no feelings’ before storming off child-tantrum stylee.

Reasons for her angry outburst aren’t clear.

Sensing trouble brewing at the customer service, Peter Flaatten took out his phone and recorded the whole thing.

The description reads: ‘I snapped this video at the ferry when I suspected a lady in line was getting a little out of line and my intuition was right and this is what happened.

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