Woman installs stove in her car to keep warm

Woman installs stove in her car to keep warm

Pic shows: A Chinese woman has installed this stove in the car to keep warm.nnA Chinese woman selling antifreeze from her car beside the road to make ends meet has installed a stove to keep warm.nnIt also lets Li Xiufang cook up a midday snack, and means she doesn't have to leave the engine running while she waits for customers.nnAnd at the end of the day she starts the motor, and drives the car back to her home in the Jiangcheng district of Yangjiang, in southern China's Guangdong province.nnThe 54-year-old woman said: "I live at home with my husband and my daughter and her eight-year-old child. My husband has a cleaning job but can't do much more than that because he suffers from bad health, and my daughter has had to give up her job to look after both him and her son.nn"I managed to get some jobs delivering stuff in my car but in the winter that work dries up, and I found that instead it is possible to sell motorists antifreeze, especially when it's below freezing. But I can't leave the engine running while I wait for customers, it would cost too much money. So my husband helped me install a stove and keep that running while I'm looking for business."nnShe said that the stove works really well, and can also be used to cook up a warm snack or make a hot cup of tea.nnShe said: "Running the engine would cost more and wouldn't heat up my dinner for me, so I'm quite content with the stove."nnShe said police had once questioned her about the device but she told them she didn't use it while driving, so they decided in the end that it wasn't illegal and allowed her to continue on her way.nnHowever when contacted for comment they said it was not advisable for people to make such modifications and clearly was only bcarried out in this case because of desperation.nn(ends)  nn

Necessity is the mother of innovation (Picture: CEN)

Those of you struggling to remove yourself from the warmth of your bed this winter will admire one woman’s innovative way of keeping toasty.

Li Xiufang has installed a stove in her car.

Mrs Li, who sells antifreeze from the car by the side of the road, has opted for the cooking apparatus in lieu of a passenger seat so that she can make food and keep her car warm at the same time.

The stove, the makeshift chimney of which goes through and out of the side of the car, means that Mrs Li doesn’t have to leave the engine on and can drive to her home in Jiangcheng, Guangdong province, China, without turning into an icicle.

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