You’re guaranteed to get a frosty reception at the Ice Church

You’re guaranteed to get a frosty reception at the Ice Church

Ice Church

A Romanian priest prays inside a church built entirely from ice (Picture: AP)

When you rock up to Sunday Mass at this church you’re guaranteed to get a frosty reception.

That’s not due to the congregation having a bad attitude, it’s actually because the building in Romania is made entirely from ice.

The Ice Church is located at the Balea Lac resort in the Fagaras mountains and was built after water from Balea Lake was frozen.

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Ice Church

It’s a copy of an old church in Transylvania (Picture: AP)

Ice Church

A small dog attends the church in someone’s backpack (Picture: AP)

Once the ice had been blessed by priests it was cut by a chainsaw and cemented together with water and snow to make a structure that was six metres (20 feet) tall, 14 metres (46 feet) long and seven metres (23 feet) wide.

The frosty cathedral, which is a copy of an old church in Transylvania, is ironically being used as a venue to warm up relations between different Christian denominations in the country.

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Ice Church

The church is bringing Christians together (Picture: AP)

‘For a few moments, people forget what they left down in the valley: the fights, the misunderstandings, the contradictory arguments,’ said Ioan Crisan, an Eastern Rite Catholic priest.

Built and blessed anew every winter for the past few years, priests have performed baptisms and wedding blessings in the Ice Church.



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